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I’m Rodger Haynes and I love to recreate the furniture¬†left to us by the early settlers of our country. I’m fascinated by the craftsmanship and utility of these old pieces, and because the supply is limited, I like to recreate them so that people who would not normally have access to them can own a functioning replica. I also restore and refinish antiques.

I do as much of the work as I can with hand tools, including hand-cutting dovetails and rebates, and finish-planing the wood. I will use power tools when the time required to do the original techniques is excessive. I don’t spray anything, but use hand applied finishes, and try to mimic the normal wear that a piece would have endured over a century or so.

Look around and if you see something that interests you, drop me an email (preferred) or give me a call and perhaps you can acquire something you wished you could find but have been unable to.


Rodger Haynes

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